19 Jun 2019

Toyota Sienna – class D minivan. Officially not delivered to Russia. The model debuted in the North American market in 1997. The car replaced the Toyota Previa. At the heart of the first generation, Sienna is the platform of the Camry sedan. The minivan was equipped with a three-liter V6 engine that produced 197 hp. and a 4-speed automatic transmission. This comfortable and reliable car, which is perfect for traveling with a family, conquered many motorists. As a result of the restyling of 2001, the model received a slightly updated appearance. In general, the first generation remained on the transporter from 1997 to 2003. The premiere of the second generation Toyota Sienna was held in 2003 at the Detroit Auto Show. Minivan has become significantly larger.

Photo Toyota Sienna

Available in four trim levels: CE, LE, XLE, XLE Limited. The CE and LE rooms are designed for seven or eight passengers. In LE, XLE and XLE Limited, the option of all-wheel drive is offered. Grade CE was equipped with ABS, CD player and air conditioning in the rear. The LE package included more cruise control, heated mirrors and fully collapsible front seats. By the way, all these elements were listed in the options to complete the CE. The XLE version was complemented with light alloy wheels, automatic climate control, electrically adjustable front seats and a removable center console. The high seats provide excellent visibility. The view through the rear window is limited, typical of minivans, but the huge side mirrors compensate sun cover for car.

Photo Toyota Sienna

In the seven-seater version, the second row of seats consists of two comfortable full-size seats with armrests. The right seat can move in the lateral plane, while offering the opportunity to install an additional seat. In the eight-seat configuration, the second row is a single chair. At the same time, the central part of the chair can be moved near the first row of seats, this is important if you use a child seat so that the child is closer. The third row of seats folds in a 6/4 ratio on a flat platform without removing the head restraints, thus forming an additional cargo space. In addition, on some models, the front passenger seat folds, forming a table. A large number of storage boxes and cup holders are a nice and convenient detail inside the Toyota Sienna. The three rows of seats are equipped with airbags on the sides. Sienna II is equipped with a five-speed electronic automatic transmission with a 3.3-liter six-cylinder engine mounted transversely and a power of 233 hp. The version with four-wheel drive consumes approximately 16 liters per 100 kilometers, outside the city of 12 liters per hundred kilometers.

Photo Toyota Sienna

The model with front-wheel drive consumes 15 liters per hundred kilometers in the city, and out of the city 11 liters per hundred kilometers. The car is designed for gasoline octane number 93. The distance to the ground is 175 mm. The all-wheel drive system works without the intervention of the driver: the energy is automatically transferred to the necessary wheels. Some models are equipped with run-flat tires, which can continue driving after a puncture. Racks in the front MacPherson, rear torsion bar suspension. There are disc brakes in the front, the rear can be drum and disc. In 2005, the model was redesigned. The volume of the gasoline engine increased to 3.5 liters and the power increased to 266 hp. By the way, this engine was equipped with a chain, and not with a timing belt as the previous versions. In December 2009, in Los Angeles, Toyota introduced the third generation of the Sienna minivan. At the heart of the car is the platform of the previous generation, with the same wheelbase, but the minivan has become a little wider and shorter. The design and interior have undergone notable changes. The exterior has become more attractive. The design of the front has acquired “aggressive” characteristics, and the rear now seems less “heavy”. The practical Toyota Sienna has a high level of comfort and allows you to increase the usable space with the help of a third row of folding seats. Like the previous generation, the Sienna III has versions with seven and eight seats. Smart Lock allows you to open and close the door without a key, and the sliding side door opens by pressing a button on the key ring. Instead of power steering now in all versions is electric power.

All models are equipped with cruise control, three zone climate control. The standard equipment also includes ABS, stability control and traction control. Options include solar roofs, a JBL multimedia system with 10 speakers, sound for high-quality surround sound, an entertainment system with a 16.4-inch widescreen, a navigation system, Bluetooth and an engine start button. In addition to the old engine (3.5 l / 266 hp), appeared a capacity of 2.7 liters and 4 cylinders cheaper than 187 hp. With it, the fuel consumption in the urban cycle is 12 l / 100 km and 9 l / 100 km in country mode. Along with the engines, a new 6-speed modern gearbox works. Versions with a less powerful engine can only have front driving wheels, while variants with the “six” can also be driven on both axles. Separate attention deserves an updated security system. Six pillows are included in the basic package. The car received the highest safety score, including rollover safety. The roof of the Sienna resisted a load equal to 4 masses of the car itself. He developed the third generation at the Toyota Technical Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and will move to Indiana.


The current generation of the Toyota Sienna debuted eight years ago. Its uncrowded segment has allowed it to extend its life span, and the arrival of an update is a breath of fresh air. His presentation took place at the New York Auto Show last year and is now on sale in Mexico. As you can see, the changes are very few and they are concentrated in front, where we will find a Camry-style fascia, as well as a subtle touch-up on the grid. From the back hardly notice the update in the internal design of the skulls. Along, the Toyota Sienna measures 5,085 meters long .

Toyota Sienna 2018

Being one of the veterans of the segment, the Toyota Sienna 2018 becomes one of the cheapest minivans in Mexico , with prices well below what is in Honda or Chrysler. Thus, with a label of just over 500,000 pesos, the Toyota minivan can compete against some medium SUVs, such as the KIA Sorento or the Highlander itself. Its range is composed of five versions, all driven by a 3.5-liter V6 of 296 hp and 263 lb-ft of torque , associated with an eight-speed automatic transmission. The versions CE, XLE and XLE Leather only take place for seven passengers, while the rest can carry eight.

JBL sound system with 10 speakers

Blind spot monitoring

The Sienna of always with the style of today

There is little that changes in the Toyota Sienna 2018 . Its main features are the same since its presentation in Los Angeles in 2009. The novelties are focused on elements that look like the latest releases of the brand, such as the Camry or the Corolla . The fascia now houses a huge grill, with larger air intakes and fog lamps of greater personality. From behind there is a minimal touch-up in the internal design of the skulls.

Toyota Sienna 2018 8

In the cabin the retouching is even more subtle. The design of the board is not the most contemporary we will find in a vehicle of this category, but maintains its functionality and premieres some finishes that help increase the sense of quality inside. Its strength lies in the amount and capacity of storage spaces. Between the center console and the board there is a compartment at floor level where a jacket or a backpack fits. Throughout the three rows of seats, all passengers will find multiple spaces to place their belongings. Unlike other long-lived vehicles, the Sienna has not overlooked the technological needs of its current customers. With this update, there are two USB charging ports in the second row and another pair for the third.

Toyota Sienna 2018 9

Unpretentious: the interior is defined by functionality

SUVs offer interesting versatility solutions, but being “fashionable” vehicles, they devote a good part of their budget in caring for their appearance and offering a cabin so sophisticated that it sometimes limits the availability of space. With the above I do not say that Sienna offers archaic finishes, just do not go to the fashion trend like other three-seater vehicles -Mazda CX-9, for example- because its main purpose is that its crew members are as comfortable and stretched as possible .

Toyota Sienna 2018 16


The first two rows of Toyota Sienna offer enough place for feet, head and waist of passengers of all sizes; the back row does not abound in space, although it is enough for people of average size, even on long trips. With all seats in place, the load capacity makes sense as a real family vehicle for vacationing: 1,100 liters , which can grow up to 2,460 liters by folding the third row. In fact, the best scenario to discover the advantages of Sienna -or of any minivan- are just the long trips. In addition to the space, the entertainment equipment is first class. In the second row there is a 16.4 inch screen with two wireless headphones, audio and video inputs and BluRay player and DVD. There are also two 120 V sockets, so in some cases you can play video games on board the truck.

Toyota Sienna 2018 12

For the driver there is also a good dose of equipment: electrochromatic side and interior mirrors, smart key, electric adjustment front seats, xenon headlights, double sunroof, electric rear opening rear doors, three-zone automatic climate control, navigation and navigation system. Infotainment with 8-inch touch screen with JBL sound of 10 speakers. The 2019 model already has Apple CarPlay. The level of security is adequate, although we certainly would have liked the sum of more state-of-the-art driving aids . Sienna 2018 complies with electronic stability control, seven airbags and blind spot monitoring. With a label over 800,000 pesos – and considering the technological load with which it is offered in the United States – it seems sensible to ask for lane reader or frontal collision alert with autonomous emergency brake.

Toyota Sienna 2018 2

296 hp to move without problems … and without hurry

The mechanical configuration remains without important novelties. It retains the V6 3.5-liter engine of 296 hp and 263 lb-ft , enough for quick starts when only two or three passengers travel. With all the seats occupied, the story is different. At no time does it lack power, although acceleration becomes less energetic and overruling requires anticipation. It is easy to maintain good pace on the road thanks to a well-stepped transmission, which always looks for long speeds – eight changes – to reduce fuel consumption. With the accelerator halfway, do not hesitate to return to the first to squeeze the capabilities of the propeller.

Toyota Sienna 2018 10

His behavior is outstanding … from the perspective of a minivan, of course. It is far from being an agile or sporty driving vehicle, however, whenever sharp maneuvers are avoided, the Sienna offers a full sense of control. At the limit, assists help maintain the trajectory; the chassis does the possible thing, although with two tons on top and rear suspension composed of a torsion bar , Sienna is not an ideal vehicle for fast corners. It was configured to offer trips; the suspension is smooth, absorbs wonderfully irregularities on the road and isolates the cabin from what happens outside. Despite having already been in the market for almost a decade, its driving continues. Perhaps the only critical point is the fuel efficiency. Being a minivan, it would be enthusiastic to expect double-digit figures; even so, an average of 6.2 km / l in city speaks of the veteran√≠a of the propeller.

Toyota Sienna – class D minivan. Officially not delivered to Russia. The model debuted in the North American market in 1997. The car replaced the Toyota Previa. At the heart of the first generation, Sienna is the platform of the Camry sedan. The minivan was equipped with a three-liter V6 engine that produced 197 hp. […]